HMS to dedicate Allen Lowman Field

Published | Oct 3, 2023

Coach Allen Lowman will always be remembered as the head football coach at Heritage Middle School from 1999-2011 winning 83 games and seven Foothills Athletic Conference championships.

Earlier this year, Lowman passed on to his heavenly home at 70.

Led by the efforts of Lowell Summey, the football field at HMS will be dedicated in memory of Lowman on October 4th as the Eagles host the Liberty Middle School Knights.

This will be the second person to have a memorial at HMS joining Michael Morse, whom Lowman coached in the 1999 and 2000 seasons.

Out of the seven conference championships, one memorable season was in 2001 when shutout margins won all the games.

Another memorable championship season came in 2009 when the Eagles went undefeated by outscoring their opponents 266-12.

Memories from former players/coaches/staff

I remember when we played Hudson my 8th grade year, it was a first down play and Coach Lowman called for the offense to go on to the field.

A few minutes later, the lights came on (in my mind) and I forgot to run out on the field with the rest of the offensive line. The ref blew the whistle and called me offsides.

I was so embarrased and Coach pulled me to the side asking me what was I thinking then told me to take a deep breath and go back out on the field.

Needless to say, I never forgot to go back out on the field like that again especially after the coming to Jesus meeting he had with me afterwards.

He was a great coach and he knew how to motivate you as well.

David Hallyburton (2001, 2002)

I knew Coach because he was my Health/PE teacher in 7th grade at Valdese Junior High School.

He and I immediatly hit it off because of my love for football, he talked me into being the manager for the JV and Varsity football teams and even helped him on the baseball team.

He taught me so much in life and sports and he always treated me like family

Jon Ray (1989-1992 Valdese Jr High football & baseball manager

He had a great sense of humor and had a way of joking, motivating, and demanding respect

He was exceptional of getting the most out of each player and finding opportunities around personnel

I absolutely loved playing for Coach Lowman and glad that I was able to play at Heritage for him. We had one heck of a coaching staff when I went through

Matt Hastings (2002, 2003)

Coach Lowman was much more than a football coach to many of us

He helped teach his players how to be good young men and treat one another with diginity and respect

A lot of us own some foundational moments in our lives growing up to his coaching, it was an honor to have such a man as a coach and mentor

I’m proud to see that this field will carry his name

Harrison Fletcher (2002-2004)

Coach Lowman was the school affiliate to the swim team while I was at EBHS

I appreciate his sense of humor and kindness

Susan Winkler (1996-1998)

One day Coach (Ken) Barrier took me to the Swamp (a HMS coaches hangout) to check my weight before a wrestling match

Allen was in the Swamp hiding away in a recliner (and) when Ken saw him he ran and jumped into his lap and started poking him in the belly

Allen was laughing histerically but Ken was too big to get him off his lap, They loved each other

Alex Garrison

(The 2009 championship year) was a super fun year under Coach Lowman’s leadership

Landon Murray (2009-2010)

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