Tigers Take Two

Published | Nov 20, 2023

Morganton- Last Saturday at Freedom High School, the Valdese Tigers took home not just one but two Burke County Youth Football League championships.

The Pee-Wee team won over Drexel 28-14 followed by the Mighty Mite team winning over Salem 38-22, both serving as revenge losses from the regular season.

“This season was amazing through and through,” said Valdese pee wee coach Trey Kincaid.

The Tigers jumped out to a 22-0 lead, which included two touchdown runs by Cathan Preston-a member of the 2021 pee wee championship team.

Brayden Goosens scored the other touchdown run to extend Valdese’s lead to 28-8 in the third quarter.

“We knew coming into our rematch with Drexel that we had to do our jobs, and we did just that.”

Kincaid also noted George Stallings as a key player this season, along with many others on the Tigers roster.

“It’s been a group effort (this season); I hope the boys continue to grow not only in their knowledge and love for the game but their faith in the Lord as well. None of this success would be possible without Him. To God goes the glory always!”

The lead changed hands four times in the mighty mite championship game as Grayson Miller scored three second-half touchdown runs, including a 72-yarder, to clinch the win.

Eight members of this team were also members of the 2021 pee wee championship team that had an undefeated season: Remy Treadway, Easton Powell, Laken Mitchell, Brayden Suttles, Brylan Pearson, TJ Lee, Anthony Shawver, JT Smith.

“Just a great group of kids, so happy to do a repeat with some of them from two years ago,” said Valdese mighty mite coach Craig Treadway.

Treadway scored the opening touchdown to give Valdese an early 8-0 lead while Salem answered with two touchdowns to take a 14-8 lead.

Miller scored his first touchdown to push Valdese back ahead 16-14, but Salem captured the lead just before halftime, 22-16.

Miller then provided the spark to get Valdese back in the game and win the championship.

Treadway noted Miller, R. Treadway, Pearson, Suttles, Lee, Shawver, and Eli Palacios as key contributors this season.

“We preach teamwork and effort; all of those kids have played a big part (this season), and each one got better each week. We had some first-year players who really stepped up.”

-Contributions by Big Red Sports Network-

-Team Photos: Valdese Booster Club-

-Game Photos: Joshua Dula/BRSN-

Valdese Tigers Pee Wee (9-1)

Valdese 30, George Hildebran 6

Valdese 32, Oak Hill 30

Valdese 34, East Burke 0

Valdese 34, Ray Childers 0

Valdese 34, Mull 0

Valdese 20, WA Young 0

Drexel 20, Valdese 18

Valdese 24, Salem 0

Valdese 30, WA Young 6 (Playoff)

Valdese 28, Drexel 14 (Championship)

#3 Brayden McCloud

#6 Brayden Goosens

#8 Triston Cook

#10 Noah Stokes

#12 Parker Craven

#15 Wyatt Caudill

#16 Carson Perry

#20 Aiden Pearson

#21 Abrim Briggs

#22 George Stallings

#23 Kamdyn Ward

#24 Cathan Preston

#33 Ezra Palacios

#41 Karsyn Calhoun

#44 Westin Clark

#50 Anderson Sigmon

#60 Jedidiah Ward

#62 Xander Mayfield

#63 Spencer Buff

#65 Cannon Ackerman

#67 Kayden Alvarado

#68 Maddox Xiong

#69 Kingston Adams

#80 Chase Brooks

#85 Aayla Jones

Valdese Tigers Mighty Mite (10-1)

Valdese 34, Ray Childers 0

Valdese 34, East Burke 6

Valdese 42, Oak Hill 0

Valdese 40, WA Young 6

Valdese 26, Mull 0

Valdese 44, Drexel 0

Valdese 42, West McDowell 12

Salem 24, Valdese 18

Valdese 44, East McDowell 0

Valdese 36, East Burke 28 (Playoff)

Valdese 38, Salem 22 (Championship)

#5 Remy Treadway

#7 Spencer Williams

#13 Grayson Miller

#18 Easton Miller

#22 Eli Palacios

#27 Laken Mitchell

#30 Elijah Kelley

#32 Xyler Walton

#37 Brayden Suttles

#45 Brylan Pearson

#52 TJ Lee

#63 Anthony Shawver

#71 JT Smith

#73 Clifton Ferris

#77 Toby Rudicil

#85 Devin Roberts

#99 Madison Harris

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