23-24 Athlete Of Year: Maddie Crouch

Published | Jun 6, 2024

Athlete of Week

#49 Draughn softball

#81 Draughn softball

#89 Draughn softball

#113 Draughn softball

#119 Draughn softball

#123 Draughn girls tennis

#128 Draughn girls tennis

#143 Draughn softball

#150 Draughn softball

Girls Tennis

13-1 singles

8-4 doubles (w/ Aubrey Childers)


Western Highlands 1A/2A Player of Year

.611 batting average

1.278 slugging percentage

44 hits

14 doubles

3 triples

9 home runs (career: 23) NEW SCHOOL RECORDS

38 RBI

22 stolen bases

Favorite Memory

My walk-off against McDowell in my junior year

Favorite Sport


Favorite Coach

My dad Robbie Crouch, he’s always been my coach since I was little and was always the hardest on me to push me to be the player that I am

What You’ve Learned in 4 Years at DHS

To not ever give up, I had a senior in front of me my freshman year, and it just pushed me more to get the starting spot I wanted

Future Plans

I’ll be studying physical education with a minor in coaching and playing softball at Southern Wesleyan University

Coach’s Quote

It’s been a great thing to coach her and see her growth since her freshman year

Her hard work and dedication is one of the things that made her excel as an athlete

I’ve just been blessed to coach this talented young lady

Chris Powell

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