23-24 Athlete of Year: Eli Tillery

Published | Jun 7, 2024

Athlete of Week

#44 Draughn football

#68 Draughn football

#78 Draughn boys basketball

#92 Draughn football

#98 Draughn football

#104 Draughn boys basketball

#114 Draughn track & field

#124 Draughn football

#135 Draughn boys basketball

#142 Draughn boys basketball


Western Highlands 1A/2A Offensive Player of Year

1847 passing yards (career: 6544; School Record)

282 rushing yards

17 touchdowns

School Record 65 career touchdown passes

School Record 427 career passing completions

Season Bests: 2549 passing yards (2022), 32 TDs (2022) (2nd in school history)

Boys Basketball

Western Highlands 1A/2A All-Conference

10 points per game

9 rebounds per game

3 blocks per game

Favorite Memory

Playing against Andrews in the 4th round of my junior year

It felt like a college experience

Favorite Sport


Favorite Coach

Chris Powell

He was the best coach I could ask for, especially after being a new transfer my freshman year. He took me in without hesitating.

He has shown me a lot these last four years, not only on the football field but in life in general, and I can’t thank him enough for that.

What You’ve Learned in Four Years at DHS

People will hate on you no matter what, even if you have the world in your hands.

Future Plans

I will be enrolling at NC State on June 18th to start summer camp (for football)

My major is undecided, so I’ll be taking exploratory studies until then

The number one goal is for me to make it to the big stage

Coach’s Quote

Eli is another phenomenal athlete with the records he set here

The growth he made each year was amazing by just taking an effort to study the game and know the game and put work in the weight room

I’m excited to see the future he has at NC State

Chris Powell

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