2024 Swimming Conference Championships

Published | Jan 26, 2024

Western Highlands 1A/2A @ Buncombe Aquatic

Boys: Draughn (250), Owen (204), NCSSM (115), Madison (78), Avery County (59)

Girls: Owen (224), Draughn (178), NCSSM (132), Mountain Heritage (117), Avery County (56), Madison (52)

Girls 200 Medley Relay: Draughn (2nd)

Boys 200 Medley Relay: Draughn (1st, 1:57.42) (William Abernathy, Tate Jensen, Abdiel Tomas, Griffin Stephens)

Girls 200 Freestyle: Ava Aldridge (4th)

Boys 200 Freestyle: William Abernathy (1st, 2:08.01)

Girls 200 IM: Lilah Johnson (3rd)

Boys 200 IM: Abdiel Gonzalez Tomas (4th)

Girls 50 Freestyle: Macy Auton (1st, 28.88)

Boys 50 Freestyle: Griffin Stephens (1st, 25.92)

Girls 100 Butterfly: Addy Lowman (3rd)

Boys 100 Butterfly: Abdiel Gonzalez Tomas (2nd)

Girls 100 Freestyle: Peyton Brewer (7th)

Boys 100 Freestyle: Brandon Sexton (1st, 1:00.07)

Boys 500 Freestyle: Braxton Kirkland (5th)

Girls 200 Freestyle Relay: Draughn (2nd)

Boys 200 Freestyle Relay: Draughn (1st, 1:44.52) (Jacob Mull, Griffin Stephens, William Abernathy, Tate Jensen)

Girls 100 Backstroke: Bella Whitson (3rd)

Boys 100 Backstroke: William Abernathy (2nd)

Girls 100 Breaststroke: Ava Aldridge (3rd)

Boys 100 Breaststroke: Tate Jensen (1st, 1:10.05)

Girls 400 Freestyle Relay: Draughn (2nd)

Boys 400 Freestyle Relay: Draughn (1st, 4:06.83) (Jacob Mull, Brandon Sexton, Griffin Stephens, Tate Jensen)

Catawba Valley 2A @ Lenoir Aquatic

Boys: East Burke (468), Lincolnton (190), West Caldwell (179), Newton-Conover (163), West Lincoln (66)

Girls: East Burke (407), Newton-Conover (321), West Lincoln (222), West Caldwell (177), Lincolnton (138)

Girls 200 Medley Relay: East Burke (1st, 2:54.70) (Freyja Lemaire, Ella Beth Oxentine, Gracie Stamey, Grace Hammack)

Boys 200 Medley Relay: East Burke (1st, 2:02.18) (Noah Ramsey, Jacob Gersch, Taylor Lennex, Tristen Carswell)

Girls 200 Freestyle: Emma Curtis (5th)

Boys 200 Freestyle: Haiden Dale (1st, 2:16.40)

Boys 200 IM: Jacob Gersch (1st, 2:28.36)

Girls 50 Freestyle: Gracyn McIntosh (10th)

Boys 50 Freestyle: Tristen Carswell (2nd)

Girls 100 Butterfly: Amanda McLean (1st, 1:53.21)

Boys 100 Butterfly: Taylor Lennex (1st, 1:07.68)

Girls 100 Freestyle: Gracyn McIntosh (7th)

Boys 100 Freestyle: Tristen Carswell (2nd)

Girls 500 Freestyle: Ella Beth Oxentine (3rd)

Boys 500 Freestyle: Taylor Lennex (1st, 6:30.57)

Girls 200 Freestyle Relay: East Burke (3rd)

Boys 200 Freestyle Relay: East Burke (1st, 1:49.72) (Haiden Dale, Noah Ramsey, Jacob Gersch, Tristen Carswell)

Girls 100 Backstroke: Freyja Lemaire (2nd)

Boys 100 Backstroke: Levi Peacock (2nd)

Girls 100 Breaststroke: Grace Hammack (2nd)

Boys 100 Breaststroke: Jacob Gersch (1st, 1:13.86)

Girls 400 Freestyle Relay: East Burke (2nd)

Boys 400 Freestyle Relay: East Burke (1st, 4:32.13) (Taylor Lennex, Gage Allen, Angolo Grippe, Haiden Dale)

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